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Facial Aftercare

Immediate aftercare after treatment The skin has been deep cleaned, stimulated and nourished. Avoid applying makeup for 12 hours An evening cleanse will not be necessary, however if you prefer, you may do a light cleanse, tone and moisturise. Highly perfumed products should be avoided No hair removal should take place for at least 48 hours If a rash, irritation or itching occurs, place a cool flannel to the area. Please note that it is not unusual for a…

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Are you looking after your hands?

When it comes to skin care, our hands are often neglected.  They go through a rough time (especially at the moment!) as they are the only part of our body which is constantly exposed to the elements. It’s not surprising, then, that as we grow older, our hands can end up taking the brunt of the maturing process. Pigmentation, loss of elasticity and dryness are among the common complaints in aging hands. Firstly, protective gloves should always be worn…

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