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CND Plexigel – Extensions or Strength

Plexigel is a ‘Builder Gel (BIAB), the healthy alternative to acrylics – its technology provides 3+ weeks of strength, length and shape with easy removal for no nail damage.

Plexigel can be sculpted for beautiful, long lasting extensions or applied to your natural nail for extra strength.

It can also repair chips, cracks and splits with its flexible and tough coating that simultaneously protects the natural nail.

You can leave nails perfectly clear or finish with your favourite CND colour! The options are endless

Plexigel Sculpted Extensions (Natural) – £36.00
Plexigel Sculpted Extensions (with Polish) – £42.00
Plexigel Sculpted Extensions (with Shellac) – £48.00

Plexigel Strength  (Natural) – £30.00
Plexigel Strength (with Polish) – £34.00
Plexigel Strength (with Shellac) – £38.00