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IBX – Nail Repair System

ibx nail repair system

IBX Nail Repair System

IBX is a new revolutionary system that actually repairs your nails from within in two simple steps. This penetrative toughening system works inside the nail instead of sitting on top like traditional nail services.

The first step, IBX Repair, specifically targets damaged areas including splits, peeling and white spots. This is then coated with IBX to provide strength and protection.

The IBX system can be applied to your natural nails or under Shellac to repair damage and provide protection.

                                                   First IBX Application           Subsequent Application

Cuticles, File & IBX                                £20.00                                           £18.00

File, IBX & Polish                                   £24.00                                           £22.00

Express Manicure with IBX                    £25.00                                           £23.00

Luxury Manicure with IBX                      £30.00                                           £28.00

Shellac with IBX                                     £30.00                                           £28.00