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Nail Extensions Aftercare

  1.  If you have naturally short nails, then you should start with short nail enhancements so that you can become accustomed to them over a period of time.  Excessive length is one of the most common reasons for nail enhancements breaking.
  2.  If you bite or pick your nails, this may damage the nail enhancements and the natural nail underneath.  All nail bitters should be pre-booked on a weekly basis for rebalancing for the first few appointments to prevent further problems.
  3.  Nail enhancements should never be used as tools to pick or scratch as this puts undue stress on the enhancement which in turn gradually weakens the enhancement and promotes breakage.
  4.  Nail enhancements must be rebalanced regularly between two and three week intervals.  This is to prevent damage to the enhancement, the natural nail and to prevent infection.  Untimely rebalancing is a common source of nail damage.
  5.  If the nail enhancement begins to lift or if they break, you should not pick or pull at the affected area.  Doing so simply worsens the situation and promotes nail plate damage.
  6. At no time should you ever use ‘nail glues’ to attempt to fix any problems with the nail enhancement.  Doing so dramatically increases the risk of infection.
  7.  Nail enhancements can easily and quickly be removed with the appropriate remover followed by a manicure to replenish lost moisture within the nail plate.  This is a professional procedure and should not be carried out by the client.
  8. When removing nail enamel, always use a professional non acetone nail enamel remover. 
  9. A cuticle oil must be used daily to keep enhancements flexible and to prevent the nail enhancement from breaking. Available from Ellis Beauty @ £8.00 per bottle. 

Treat nail enhancements as jewels, not tools.  CND enhancements are designed to protect and care for your natural nail plate and will prevent damage to your natural nail when cared for properly.